DisCon III Party FAQ

Thank you for your interest in holding a party at DisCon III! We are excited to collaborate with you on another fun (and safe) activity for Worldcon attendees.

If you would like to hold a party at the convention – public or private, in-person or via Zoom – you MUST fill out the Party Form at https://forms.gle/sreqz2kDnbfeaGgs5 . Anyone holding a party at DisCon III must also agree to the convention’s rules and guidelines detailed below. To ensure a safe environment and all-around good time for you and our attendees, failure to comply with these guidelines may result in your party being shut down or future parties being cancelled. Party Liaisons are available to make suggestions as to how to best host your party based on the FAQ.

We’ve also compiled tips and resources to help you plan the perfect event, including hotel information, suggested health and safety protocols, area grocery and supply stores, and tips for promoting your event.

If you have any questions, contact parties@discon3.org . We’re excited to welcome you!


All party hosts and attendees must comply with the DisCon III Code of Conduct. You can review the policy here: https://discon3.org/about/coc/


At DisCon III, we aim to continue this tradition of providing a welcoming, supportive, and safe environment for all members of the science fiction and fantasy community. We have a responsibility to provide and maintain a safe convention experience for everyone from members and volunteers to staff and hotel employees and even to the community at large. We can’t protect from every danger, but we can do our best to protect from infectious conditions that are lessened by effective vaccination programs.

We invite party hosts to join us in taking precautions to promote health and safety standards at their event and minimize potential risks of infection and virus spread. You can access DisCon III’s full policy at https://discon3.org/covid/ and the District’s latest COVID-19 policies at https://coronavirus.dc.gov/healthguidance .



Food/Corkage Waiver: All parties have full food/corkage waivers, so you may serve outside food and drinks, including alcohol. Please keep in mind the below suggestions for additional health and safety precautions when serving food and drink.

Alcohol: If you are serving alcohol …

  • You MUST ensure that anyone served alcohol is at least 21 years of age (born before December 15-19, 2000) . It is each party host’s responsibility to designate someone to check identification. This will be strictly enforced and you are subject to having your party shut down for non-compliance with this rule.
    • You can check ID at the door or at the bar, but you must verify that each attendee served alcohol is over 21.
    • Consider offering a wristband or stamp to verify that ID has been checked and your guest can legally be served alcohol.
  • You MUST also serve food – including non-salty snacks and have water available.
  • You should not serve alcohol to anyone who appears visibly intoxicated.

Refrigerators: The rooms will have a small mini-bar-sized refrigerator. Rooms do not have microwaves and cooking is not allowed in rooms that do not have a kitchenette.

Ice: If you will need ice for your party, there are several offsite locations where you can purchase ice. Please do not run the hotel’s ice machines empty as that isn’t fair to other parties and hotel guests.


Setup/Tear-Down: Be respectful of the staff when moving in and out – tip generously if hotel staff provide assistance and try to be patient as the hotel is operating with a bare-bones staff. While we do have a corkage/forkage waiver, it is best to not be overly obvious especially if you are bringing in a lot of food and/or drink.

Room Damage: Be respectful of the facilities and leave the room as you found it – cover areas with a tablecloth or tarp that are vulnerable to spills or messes, and be careful when moving around furniture so as not to cause damage to the room. Signs can only be affixed to the doors, glass surfaces, and walls using painter’s tape and must be removed as part of tear-down.

Tip the housekeeping staff: A recommended amount is $5-20 per room per party night. Housekeeping may need to be requested each day you want it. Even if you do not request housekeeping during your stay, our recommendation would be to leave a tip to cover all party nights when you check out.

Crowd Control: Check those entering for a valid DisCon III badge. Consider reducing room-crowding as suggested herein. Parties are not allowed to spill out into the hallway.

Noise: Please be mindful of noise levels, especially after 10:30 pm. There may be rooms above and below you with guests who want to sleep or keep earlier hours than your party.

Hours: All open parties must end by 2:00 am.

Smoking Policy: The hotel is 100% non-smoking.

Controlled Substances: Parties cannot distribute any controlled substances.

Further Suggestions: Here are a few suggestions to help keep your guests safe and comfortable:

  • Encourage guests to properly wear masks that cover the nose and mouth – and at all times when not actively eating or drinking, especially while serving themselves food or drink.
  • If you choose to serve food/drinks, try to keep it separate from where guests are socializing.
  • Put out pre-packaged food options rather than buffet-style snacks and pour drinks individually rather than pre-pouring multiple cups.
  • Offer hand sanitizer or hand sanitizer stations, if possible.
  • Clean high-traffic surfaces regularly throughout the event.
  • Monitor the occupancy of the room to allow for comfortable interactions for all guests.
  • We will have signs with helpful reminders available for you to post – contact us at parties@discon3.org to request these signs for your party.

Helpful Hint: A good party doesn’t need to have food and beverage! Consider foregoing the snacks and drinks (and their related extra health and safety precautions) in favor of giveaways or handing out exclusive commemorative goodies to bring in guests. If you want assistance brainstorming the perfect food/beverage alternative for your party, the Parties team is more than happy to help!

Did you know that you can also host a Zoom party to entertain guests from all around the world virtually? There is an option on the Party Sign-Up Form to choose an in-person party or a Zoom party. You can also contact parties@discon3.org for more information on hosting a Zoom party.

Code of Conduct: The DisCon III Code of Conduct applies in both in-person and virtual spaces. All attendees are expected to comply. You can review the policy here: https://discon3.org/about/coc/.

Tips and Etiquette: Although we may all feel like experts at this point, below are a few helpful reminders and tips for Zoom party-goers.

  • Parties will be held in breakout rooms – you can access them by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the Zoom screen to get a dropdown menu with all of the room options. Click on “Join” to enter the room. If you are using an older version of Zoom, you may need the host to place you in a breakout room and can request this in the chat box. There will usually be multiple parties going on in Zoom at the same time. If you can’t find the party you want, please ask the host.
  • Mute your mic when not talking to reduce background noise.
  • Make sure your name is displayed and include your pronouns.
  • Dust off your snazziest virtual background or otherwise ensure your background is presentable to a public audience.
  • Use the gallery view to see everyone in the party space.
  • Update to the latest version of Zoom before the event and test your settings (mic, audio, etc.).
  • Good lighting is your friend! Make sure there’s enough so everyone can see you.
  • Be a good listener!
  • If chat is available, make good use of this feature to offer suggestions and commentary without interrupting.


You’ve planned a great party, and now what? Let the people know who, where, when, and other essential party information. You can get the word out using the following suggestions.

Newsletter: This is the easiest way to make sure attendees know about your party. Contact newsletter@discon3.org for more information on submitting your party information.

Party Board: You can write in your party details on the main party announcement board in the exhibit hall near fan tables and the flyer racks.

Discord: This is an excellent place to invite attendees to your party and post updates. You will need to sign up for the Discord server before the event. Instructions will be available before the convention begins.


You’re also eligible for our Party Contest! Not only will you be a hero for throwing a great party, you can win prizes in the process. Don’t miss out on a chance for one of these coveted titles:

  • Best food/drink alternative for guests
  • Best ID check stamp
  • Best decorations
  • Best party (party staff vote)
  • Best party (attendee vote)


We know that for you to put on the best Worldcon party ever, you’ll need to gather the resources to make your vision come to life. Below are options for supplies, groceries, bulk items, and local shops/distributors for your reference.


North of Omni Shoreham

East of Omni Shoreham

South of Omni Shoreham


North of Omni Shoreham

East of Omni Shoreham

South of Omni Shoreham

West of Omni Shoreham

Liquor Stores

North of Omni Shoreham

East of Omni Shoreham

South of Omni Shoreham

Local Beer & Spirits

The District has a long list of local breweries and distilleries that you can feature at your DisCon III party. Support our community of excellent local beer, cider, and spirit distributors while giving your party some D.C. flavor.

Helpful Hint: Some area breweries and distilleries will do same- or next day-delivery! These are noted where it applies:

* Pick-up Available

** Pick-up and Delivery Available


A few options are listed here but check DC Beer for even more recommendations: https://dcbeer.com/



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