*Are you having trouble logging in to the members portal or the official Discord? Email info@discon3.org.*

Welcome to the online side of DisCon III. 

We offer ten tracks of programming as well as a virtual con suite, and a thriving community on Discord. 

To participate as a virtual member in our hybrid convention, you’ll first need to buy a membership. Select Virtual membership and follow the online instructions to purchase.

It will take 15-30 minutes for the database to sync. Once that has occurred, go to the home page again and click “Log In” in the upper left corner.

How to log in to the Virtual Convention and schedule

Your voting membership and the schedule use two different logins. We’ll call them Membership and Schedule. As a first time Schedule user, your password is not registered in this part of the website. Click “lost your password” or go to the Set Up Your Account page and enter the email address you used to login to the Members Area. The website will email a token to you that you can use to set your password. 

How to set your time zone

Under “My Account,” click on “Edit Time Zone” then select your time zone from the drop down menu. You only need to do this once, and the schedule will remember it on your next login.

Browsing the Schedule

On the home page, hover over “Program” from the menu and then click on “Schedule.”

As you scroll down the Schedule page, you will see a list of check boxes in the left column, and a list of events to the right. The checkboxes in the left column can be used to filter the list of events on the right. If you look near the bottom of the left hand column, you will see options for virtual events. If you click those  boxes, you will be shown only virtual events.

You can browse and search for panels you want by Event Type, Tag, Type of Program,  Location, or type of Virtual access. If you’d like to clear your filters, scroll down and click the red button that says “Reset.”

If you see something you are interested in and want to easily find it later, you can click the star to add it to your favorites. Later, you can click the “My Favorites” button at the bottom of the left-hand column of the Schedule page to see your list. You can also find “My Favorites” under the My Account menu (this menu is in the upper left corner of every DisCon III web page).

Finding Program Participants

To find a panelist by name, once you’re logged in go to the Panelists page and search. 

If you want to see everything that person is on, just click on their name in any panel they are on and it will take you to a page that has their bio and their public schedule.

Watching an Online Panel

Click on the title of the panel you want to attend. That will open the description of the panel which will include a tag indicating that it will be available online. Click on the link icon to go the panel detail page. Click “Access Virtual Link,” which will take you to the viewing area. 

As the audience, you will be watching the panel via an embedded Vimeo window. You’ll be able to watch the panelists, chat with fellow audience members, and ask questions through the Q&A feature. 

There is a delay that is between 17 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on your internet connection, so go ahead and ask your question when it occurs to you instead of waiting for the moderator to call for questions. 

Image of where to click the link button (underneath the favorite/unfavorite icon)

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